License Recovery

The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) offers restricted licenses to eligible applicants who need to drive to work while their regular licenses are suspended or revoked for a DUI. Indiana ignition interlock laws may require that an ignition interlock device (IID) be installed at the discretion of the courts.

Steps to Obtaining a Restricted Driver’s License During Your Suspension:

  • Serve mandatory suspension time (required period before interlock may be installed).
  • Visit V.iewable Driver Record to find out when your driving privileges can be reinstated.
  • If the eligibility date is listed as “indefinite” then there are some requirements you must complete before your license can be reinstated.
  • Call an authorized ignition interlock provider and make an appointment to have an ignition interlock installed.
  • Bring the following to your installation appointment: your current registration or title, proof of insurance, court referral paperwork, permission slip from the vehicle’s registered owner (alternatively, the owner may appear and sign a waiver) and payment for first month of service.
  • Once the requirements have been completed, contact the court so that they can send the information to the BMV. You cannot notify the BMV directly.
  • Your insurance provider must provide proof of insurance as required on your Viewable Driver Record or Official Driver Record. Have your insurance provider submit the form (e.g. SR-50 or SR-22) to the BMV. You cannot submit the forms to the BMV yourself.
  • Pay all insurance and/or reinstatement fees as noted on your Viewable Driver Record or Official Driver Record. You may pay those fees online, by phone at 888-692-6841, or by mail.
  • Once you have your restricted license, come in to your interlock provider for regular monitoring. This is essential for proper maintenance of the program as well as a condition for keeping your restricted license.