Charged With Drinking And Driving On Your ATV

atvIt’s that time of year again: time to pull the dust covers off all of your motorized toys and get them ready for another spring and summer. ATVs, motorcycles, ride on lawnmowers, and electric bikes are back on the roads again after a long winter put away, and that means it’s a great time for a spring reminder about what type of vehicle you can be charged with drinking and driving in.

It can be hard for people to believe, but it doesn’t matter what type of motor vehicle you’re in or on; if you drink alcohol and get behind the wheel, you can be charged with drinking and driving. There haves been a couple of cases already this spring, including one involving an ATV in Fargo, North Dakota.

After drinking, a man got on his ATV and drove down a road. He ended up rolling off the shoulder of a road and was injured, and when police arrived at the medical facility he was taken to, they discovered that he was drunk driving. Maybe the driver didn’t realize, but an ATV is considered a motor vehicle, and under the terms and conditions of his driver’s license, he was charged with operating an off highway vehicle while under the influence of alcohol.

He’s not the only one who was probably surprised at how you can be charged with drinking and driving on any type of motor vehicle. One man in Lincoln, Nebraska was charged with his sixth DUI after he was found passed out on his ride on lawnmower.

They found him lying near the lawn mower in the middle of an intersection. He had been driving and he fell off, and when police arrived and tried to wake him up he exhibited all of the signs of someone under the influence of alcohol. He refused the breathalyzer, was taken to jail, and bond was set at $25,000.

If you’re smart enough to not drink and drive your car, truck, or van, you should be smart enough not to put the key in the ignition of your ATV, lawnmower, or motorcycle after you’ve been drinking. Play it safe this spring, and if you’re drinking alcohol, avoid all of your motor vehicles.

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